#NewASH Tour Stop: Tellulah Darling

For my Scavenger Hunt stop, you’ll be seeing a bonus scene from author Tellulah Darling, and her book THE KISS! Jump after the cut to read and find out the lucky number and the next tour stop!

Chapter Five
(Or maybe, a special number THIRTEEN!)


The look Francesca gave me was glacial and yet there was so much light and heat emanating from her that I couldn’t help myself. I brushed a strand of her hair away, my fingertips tracing the line of her jaw and her endlessly caressable skin.
Carajo, I was a second away from birds twittering over our heads. An odd flash of green in her hair snapped me out of my daze. I pulled my hand back, showing her the sprig of mint I’d liberated. “It was in your hair,” I explained at her stupefied blink. “From the mojito.”
She face palmed with a mumbled, “Thanks.” It hadn’t been Francesca’s fault that klutz had doused her in booze, but she sure as hell looked adorable in her full blush.
Gently, I tipped her chin up, making her meet my gaze. Sí, she was intelligent, but right now her brown eyes conveyed a spark that warned me could easily trigger her fiery Italian nature. I should have taken it as the warning it was and stepped back.
But my gambling nature woke up with a vengeance in the face of that dare and I couldn’t resist going all in. I stepped closer, tilting my head the tiniest bit to let her know that if she didn’t want to play out this hand, now was the time to fold.
She nodded, holding so still that I would have missed the movement had I not been honed in on her like a tracking device.
My heart beat a salsa staccato as I curled my hands around her sides, eliminating the distance between us.
We bumped noses. I couldn’t help give a tiny grin at her little face scrunch. Since I was a pro at repositioning, I went in for take two, brushing my lips against hers.
Francesca lay her hand against my cheek and something inside me broke at her hesitant touch. No more teasing. The kiss got serious, Francesca’s fingers curling into the top of my jeans, leaning into me. Our kiss was a mutual exploration of unhurried passion.
I could have drifted with her for hours, lost in those lips, and the faint hint of her citrus shampoo teasing at my senses, but I needed more, blindly pressing her to me on the small of her back, sucking on her lower lip. Her resulting shiver vibrated through me like a jolt of electricity lighting me up from head to toe.
She rose onto her toes, twining her arms around my neck, her kiss turning demanding. I was all too happy to oblige except some pendejo crashed into the bathroom door at our backs and swore before drunkenly asking, “Someone in there?”
In the suddenness of jumping apart, the world slid sideways; a vertigo-inducing sensation that felt like an adrenaline rush cut off mid-stream, depriving me of necessary oxygen.
Drunk guy crashed the bathroom door open, lurching past us while unzipping his pants. Francesca and I shot into the hallway, and she slammed the door before his dick groping was burned into my brain forever.
The moment was definitely broken. Best to blame the beer and make my escape.

Tellulah Darling

1) YA & New Adult romantic comedy author because her first kiss sucked and she’s compensating.
2) Firm believer that some of the best stories happen when love meets comedy and awkwardness ensues.
3) Sassy minx.

Both a hopeless romantic and total cynic, Tellulah Darling is all about the happily-ever-after, with a huge dose of hilarity along the way. Her romcoms come in a variety of heat levels and flavors; straight up romantic comedy, shaken with Greek mythology or stirred with urban fantasy.

Sassy girls. Swoony boys. What could go wrong?

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