SAFE WITH YOU contest!


(Thanks to Alli Smith Designs for the wonderful graphic! xoxo)

Hey everyone!

SAFE WITH YOU is now on SALE!!!! for only $0.99! So with that exciting discount and my upcoming Read It and Review It from New Adult Book Club over on Goodreads (starts 9/26), I decided to do something for my readers. I’m giving away THREE signed paperbacks of SAFE WITH YOU for those who send me their links/info of their reviews! I’m really trying to keep my momentum going strong and give back to my readers!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Purchase an E-Book of SAFE WITH YOU.
  2. Read it (and hopefully enjoy it!).
  3. Review it!
  4. Enter below to win!
    ** Either link me to your review or tell me your reviewing name in your message.
    *** Note: you will receive TWO entries for an Amazon review, ONE entry for a Goodreads review, or FOUR entries for both!

*You can still enter if you’ve already reviewed in the past, just fill out the contact form the same way!

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